Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's not ACTUALLY 360 degrees out there - it's just the humidex

s33242 Findings - Cup Cap - ID 5 mm Swivel Ridged End Cap - Bright Copper (1)360 degrees is the temperature outside, I think. Satan called - he wants his weather back. We strongly recommend finding somewhere cool and hiding there, with your beads. Beading. After all - it is summer, don't you know. Time to kick back and relax - let your mind wander, take the time to relax and refresh yourself. 

We have these awesome new end cups, with a 360 degree swivel attachment on the end. This is a brand new product and you saw it here first! The end rotates, so that it always hangs right, and the clasp always lines up right, and lays flat. When you try these - you'll wonder how you lived without them! 

These End Cups are great for Viking Knit, Chainmail, Kumihimo, Multi-strand necklaces and bracelets, tassels, earrings, pendants, oh - just a host of things. Cones taper - which make them flexible in terms of getting the right size, but there is more space inside an End Cup, because they don't get smaller at the end.

Leather and Skulls

s33259 Stringing -  Regaliz Licorice Leather - Midas (Inch)The Regaliz (Licorice) leather is such a great look - everyone loves it, and so we now have more choices: more colours, more beads, and now, s33261 Stringing -  Regaliz / Rhinestone Licorice Leather - Chocolate and Crystal (Inch)new 10 mm wide flat leather strapping, and clasps and beads designed to fit that too! Woohoo! 

We have Distressed Metallic Gold (Midas) and Silver (Aphrodite), and a deep red Bordeaux colour! And even with Rhinestones - because everything goes better with rhinestones! 

s33272 Beads - Regaliz -  Skullboy - Antiqued Silver (1)s33270 Beads - Regaliz -  Crisscross Oval Charm Holder - Pewter (1)For new adornments, we have the totally rocking SkullBoy bead, and a charm holder - attach your own charms to the ring on the side. How about this Oval Mount - which just begs to have something collaged onto it - maybe a little portrait picture,s33271 Beads - Regaliz -  Oval Mount - Antiqued Silver (1) sealed with resin?

s33263 Stringing -  Flat Leather - Sea Grass (Inch)
This flat leather strapping is just as handsome as the Regaliz - but is not as "dimensional." It has it's own custom-designed findings and beads, and some are deliberately made double-width or extra wide so that you s33269 Findings - Regaliz -  Flat Leather Magnetic Clasp - Antiqued Silver (1)can create designs with two strips side by side, or add some alternate leather cords or wire or what-have-you down the sides. Think of the possibilities!

s33284 Beads - Regaliz -  Open Heart - Antiqued Silver (1)Or just slide on a bead and glue on a clasp - same as the Regaliz. Easy Peasy! Check it all out and see what you can design!


 Delicate Delicas

db1505 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Opaque Pink Champagne AB (7.5 g)Delicas aren't actually delicate - they are pretty robust - but this batch of 68 new colours! has a lot of delicate colours and db1504 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Opaque Pale Rose AB (7.5 g)shades. I think the actual origin of Delica has more to do with deliciousness than delicate-ness - and nothing at all to do with delegating. Or delirium, or delinquency. Although, in a delirium of beading, you might be delinquent in your duties and should try delegating. 


Oh, and please NOTE: We will be closed Aug 15 - 19 for inventory. Our store will be closed and online orders will not be delayed, as we will need all hands on deck for the inventory - plus it messes up the inventory to pick orders while counting! If we finish early - we'll reopen early. Online order picking will resume when we are done, in the order in which the orders were ordered. ;-) Thank you for your patience!

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