Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's a bird! It's a Plane! NO - it's ULTRA-Pink!

s33151 Swarovski Elements Rhinestones - 14 mm Rivoli (1122) Rhinestone - Ultra Pink (1)And Ultra Orange, and Ultra Lime! And Ultra Purple! Together - these s33153 Swarovski Elements Rhinestones - 14 mm Rivoli (1122) Rhinestone - Ultra Lime (1)Four Caped Crusaders of colour battle boring combos, dull designs and the Blahs. 

Blammo! Zap! Caaaa-runch. Another evil villain from Dullsville is defeated and sent to Design School - where they will be rehabilitated and released - never more to menace society with somber greys and sedate designs!

s33157 Findings - Stone Mount -  Etched Channel Open Frame Link fits 12 mm Swarovski Rivoli (1122) - Bright Brass (1)And - let's not forget the faithful sidekick - without who, nothing gets done! In this case - Best Supporting Actor goes to these open channel Rivoli Mounts

s33152 Swarovski Elements Rhinestones - 14 mm Rivoli (1122) Rhinestone - Ultra Orange (1)Because, as absolutely awesome as these Rivoli stones are - and they truly put the "I-want-some" in Awesome - you then think to yourself - how do I use them? 

You can, of course, seedbead around them to make stunning bezels - I admire those who can do that! But some of you are more of the instant-gratification sort (me too!) and can only dream of having enough time and patience to bead around a rivoli! 

And just for you, my friends, we have these new channel mounts! If you want to see them in action (of course you do!) - check out this week's inspiration: Pink Cotton Candy

s33179 Findings - Hook and Eye Clasp -  Stay-Flat Swivel - Antique Brass (1)And that's not all that is new and innovative this week. Because, we have the start of the Revolving or Swivel Findings! These are hook and s33180 Findings - Hook and Eye Clasp -  Stay-Flat Swivel - Antiqued Copper (1)eye clasps with a swivel base, so that they will always lay flat, always rotate into the best position, and always be more comfortable and convenient for you! In three colours so far, Brass, Copper, and Silver

Lots more to come in these too - they are currently being photo'd and processed - but there will be swivel end-caps and more to come in the weeks ahead - so stay tuned! Ooo - the products I've seen! You would not believe the wonderful things coming this summer! 

s33184 Findings - Regaliz -  Magnetic Clasp - Antiqued Brass (1)Loving the Regaliz leather? The magnetic clasps in Brass and Copper are now here!

s32811 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Green Aventurine (strand)And don't forget - this is a new month - so a new Stone of the Month! This month is Green Aventurine! This misty, translucent green stone is such a soft, calm green - it might almost make up for the crispy brown that your lawn is turning!

Lots more to explore - and more wonderful stuff in the weeks ahead! Don't delay! Click on a link (or a picture) above, or start with the Main Page and look for the "New" tags. 

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