Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming this October

Denim Blue, Petrol Pearl, and Antique Pink are the new colours of Swarovski! 

"The associations with the color blue are powerful and universal. We live, after all, on the blue planet; blue has a profoundly calming effect on the psyche; and blue skies signal optimism. The addition of Denim Blue to the color range brings with it all this and more: it is hip and practical, and it connotes a sense of freedom; it is sophisticated and understated, and it is unisex; it also works for everything from casual sportswear to elegant eveningwear. Designers have long accorded the color blue pride of place in their palette because of its capacity to unify so many diverse hues across the spectrum."

 "A member of the same tonal family, the new Crystal Petrol Pearl effect was inspired by the deep teal blue tones of a peacock’s feather. Crossing the gender divide as nimbly as Denim Blue, it works as well for tough utility gear as for more formal wear, either on its own in a block of color or as an accent with browns, greens, copper or yellow."

 "The new Crystal Antique Pink effect signals the design world’s re-engagement with the romantic, rosier side of life, a dreamy, backward glance to the 1950s. Designers will delight in its adaptability and the harmonizing influence it has on so many other shades."


Zena said...

Oh, yum.

I think I missed my calling: colour designer for Swarovski. How cool a profession would that be?!

jen said...

Exactly! :-)