Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - Being stumped creatively

Well it seems that my ideas for metal clay posts seems to be waining. Perhaps it is due to the many things I am trying to juggle and the lack of focus this can create. I read Jen's post (from Thursday this week) about planning and it made me smile as I idealize planning but often find myself flying by the seat of my pants too. This disappoints me but sometimes that pressure can allow to stumble on new things. I have so many things I want to do...get into the garden and clean it up and welcome my new flowers, clean the kitchen (which I mean declutter it), declutter the house, play soccer with the kids, read a book, try several new recipes (all at once...I say if I am going to make a mess then it should be big) and make myself a metal clay dragonfly. Hmmm it is hard to fit all this in one weekend . So the metal clay dragonfly has not happened and it looks like it won't be done tomorrow as the kitchen is a mess and I have a bunch of groceries bought for those new recipes. Since the dragonfly is not made but the planning has started, I thought I would like to talk about the planning involved in some of my creations. Although I just said that I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl...I have matured and do actually preform research and planning into a lot of what I do, and as I tell my husband there is often "method to my madness". There was a time when I would just start making something without any direction, I have matured in my approach (the cost of disappointment in silver clay alone helps with this personal growth). Many people will peruse jewelry to help with inspiration....this works well for some. For me, I avoid this technique (although as jewelry artist one will always admire others works of art) but I avoid using this as my source of inspiration as I do not want to end up copying ideas. My inspiration comes from many things (ie. a picture, my children, a desire, nature, a request from a customer, or more). Often I stay up at night thinking about mechanical challenges as I love construction and movement (but that will be another story). Once I have an idea I look for pictures, sketch a diagram of what I want and sit down with an alternative clay to help my hands create and problem solve. For the dragonfly I have sought out pictures on the Internet. I look at both photographs and sketches to look at both a realistic dragonfly and other interpretations. Once I have done this I will sketch out some ideas and look at textures to determine what I want to use. Then I sit down and create. That is how it is done. Hopefully I will find time this week to make this dragonfly and I will be able share it next week.


dragonjools said...

Here's my take on it. In a hundred years from now - no one will care whether your kitchen was clean today - but they will appreciate and adore the pretty dragonfly you made. They will wear it and treasure it, and wonder about the person that made it, and it will never, never occur to them to wonder if you vacuumed or scrubbed the toilet or raked the leaves.

JMHO ;-)

Fine Silver Girl said...

Good sage advise.