Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Classes with Bling!

We have two new classes featuring next week, and 3 other regulars. Check out the Viking Knit and Swarovski class with Laurie-Anne and Beth Clinton. Are you like me, and you've been eyeing the Swarovski cones? This class adds bling to viking knit.

Rae's A Little Bit of Everything class, really has a bit of everything - wire wrapping, loops, coiling, spirals, and more. Plus, the necklace itself is made with a mix of semi-precious stones, chain, tubes and an assortment of glass beads.

And finally, 3 of our regular favourites: Introduction to Art Clay Silver, Introduction to Lampworking, and Wire Working & Wrapping 101.

See our November schedule for a full list of our classes!

Adios Amigas.

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