Thursday, October 08, 2009

Copper Clay!

Coming very soon! Whohoo - I'm currently at home with a very sick little girl, and as such, I've been staying away from the store - But if my UPS tracking skills are up to snuff - I believe our metal clay shipment arrived yesterday. With it, of course we have copper clay! We'll have the copper clay on it's own, as well as starter kits.

These will be sold similarly to the bronze (unfortunately, not available at this time for online purchase) You may of course place your order via phone or email. The bronze is available now - but for the copper, please wait until next week so that the store has a chance to unpack and price the copper.

Here is a copper clay firing schedule shared to Marg from Andrew at Green Girl Studio's

Ramp the pieces to 665F and hold for 2 hours, then 1550F and hold for 3.5

I've been using this schedule with great success.

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