Sunday, October 11, 2009


As Canadians - we are probably some of the most versatile people on the planet at converting units of measure. With the metric system thoroughly entrenched in our culture, but with our next-door neighbour still using the Imperial system - we have to be ready to convert litres to gallons to U.S. gallons to U.S. dollars to dog years at the drop of a hat if we want to retain whining rights about gas prices - and many other socially significant conversion/conversation skills.

So you'll be interest to discover Converting Euros to Baht for a trip to Thailand? No problem? Fathoms to metres? A snap. Brazilian shoe sizes to North American shoe sizes before you buy that those dishy heels on ebay? (Size 35? No, seriously.)

Yep - if you can think of it - they have a conversion for it. ;-)

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