Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sneak Peek at Next Week

27800399-35s8 Glass Peacock Beads - 20 x 14 mm Puff Oval - Matte Turquoise Opal Vitreal Dots (1)Polka-dot Peacock beads - er - should that be Pea-dots, or Po... no - let's not go there. Definitely not.

s21669 Metal Cap/Cone -  Open Filigree Cup - Bright Sterling (1)MOoooving right along - a bunch of metal stuff, caps and cones, in sterling, brass and copper.


The Dixon Chick said...

Okay - it's midnight on Wednesday (now Thursday) and I am ready to buy me some cones!!!!!

I know that I and all my students are going to love all the new cones coming in.

On your marks, get set, CHARGE!!!!

Melissa said...

where can i get those polka dot beads!!!!

dragonjools said...

click on the picture of the polka dot beads - it will take you right to the page!