Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Who ever said Tuesday was supposed to be crazy busy. I feel like it should be Friday...I wish it was Friday :-)

Marg our buyer has been in Tucson for the last week. While she was gone, I took over the inventory (along with lots of help!), and restocking. Or at least attempted to without making too much of a mess of things. Marg is highly efficient at what she does. She seems to know the wholesale price of almost every sku we carry off the top of her head. She can keep our weekly shopping within budget effortlessly.
Let's just say, I do not have that ability ;-)

Marg, welcome back, and thank you!

In other news, a reminder that we're hosting our special Valentines Day open beading session this Saturday, February 14th. Join us from noon to 3pm, with a project to work on...and cupcakes to share!

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