Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They like us, they really like us!

Last month we asked a question that I wasn't really sure about. The question was, 'What do you like about us?' Generally, it's infinitely more helpful to ask what you 'don't' like about us. But sometimes it's just kinda nice to hear good things :-)

There is always room for improvement, in any company. Ours is certainly not an exception. I thought I would post a few comments that were made. We got a lot of responses to our question. In fact, over 400 of you responded! I've just posted a few here, but the responses were all fairly similar.

Top of the list was the customer service provided by our staff. There were many shout outs to Lee, Roz and Erin who handle our internet orders. Our store staff received a ton of accolades as well.

Equally mentioned was our web site - specifically Dwyn's humorous and detailed descriptions.

And a few of you liked us just cuz we're Canadian - that's ok too! :-)

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank my staff. I love you guys! We certainly wouldn't be where we are today without you.

While I'm feeling all lovey dovey, I want to thank all of our customers as well. Without you, well, we wouldn't be here! So many of you have become great friends, it makes coming into work everyday so enjoyable.

From Joan C
"Ooh...where do I start? I love your quirky descriptions, your blog, your gorgeous photos, your excellent - and personal - service, your quality products...that's a good beginning, I guess."

From Eric B
"I love the captions under each item and the humorous bits on the home page. I love the ispirations and the color challenge. Never change!!!"

From Marie-Andree B
"There's a LOT to love about beadfx - but the top of the list has to be: You guys have the most amazing customer service (here's a shout out to Lee!)
Secondary - This is one of the only online beadstores that has a homepage / shopping page that's easy to navigate.  Your shipping is reasonable, and you don't over-package your products.  If I'm looking for something - you guys are great about helping me find it."

From Liona E.
"The excellent customer service! That and the huge selection and goofy descriptions."

From Judith H
"Love the site, the store and creative helpful staff. Especially love the inspiration and design on-line."

From Lori R
"Fast courteous service, great gals, pleasure doing business with you all."

From Marija B
"Your customer service is tops! You always make me feel at home - from coffee to use of studio to everyone's sense of humour. Every chance I have I tell people about your store. Love you guys (I mean gals)! :o)Marija"

From Laurie C
"I tell you this every time I order but it does bear repeating. I love BeadFX because you are Canadian, I love the variety of beads you offer, I love the fact you are always providing new items. I also love the humor. Carry on!"

From Susan K
"Just the best gosh darn bead store anywhere, and I mean anywhere."

From Dianne U
"I like you because...you are fun,
you are friendly,
if I can\'t do something,you show me how,
you are always bettering the store,
your blog is fun,
your email is fun,
you give points,
you give great classes (I can\'t afford em, but they are great),
I even like that the store is in a weird place,
you give free clay play days,
you hired Heather, hey Heather, come see us at Sunday pottery!
shall I go on?"


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